Deck 383

​​Karaoke, Every Tuesday Night at 7 PM. 

We encourage people who feel they can not sing to give it a try.  NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Let's have fun! 

Upscale Shabby


Fri. Aug. 3 (5:30-8:30P): Will Ness

Sat . Aug. 4 (5:30-8:30P):  Gregg Van Allen

Sun. Aug 5: (11:30-2:30P): Creampuffs and Bourbon

Fri. Aug. 10 (5:30-8:30P): RYE (Ryan Newman)

Sat. Aug. 11 (5-9P): STRINGWOOD

Sun. Aug. 12 (11:30-2:30P): Paul Grimshaw

Fri. Aug. 17 (5:30-8:30P) The Rich Johnson Band

Sat. Aug. 18 (5:30--8:30P): RYE (Ryan Newman)

Sun. Aug. 19(11:30-2:30P): Creampuffs and Bourbon

Fri. Aug. 24 (5:30-8:30P):  RYE (Ryan Newman)

Sat. Aug. 25 (5:30-8:30p): Incognito

Sun. Aug. 26 (11:30-2:30 P): Will Ness

Fri. Aug. 31 (5:30-8:30P): Incognito